Considerations to Look Before Buying the Best Digital Piano or Keyboard

Families owning digital pianos and learning to play are increasing in number. Digital pianos seem to be a smart choice since they cost much less than a grand piano and require a much smaller space and they can produce the same high-quality sounds. Yet this option has some drawbacks to it. Before actually buying a digital piano, you may want to try playing an acoustic piano first. This will give you a firsthand experience of and appreciation for the rich acoustic sound you can obtain from a real piano. The digital piano can only play back a sample as it tries to duplicate the sound of a traditional piano. There are some people who are very particular with this aspect in piano music as they need to feel the vibration of the piano strings to enjoy playing.

Advantages of Digital Piano

1. They are often less expensive.

2. They don’t need tuning. This may sound trivial but if you don’t have the skill to tune your piano then paying for a technician to do it can be very costly.

3. They are equipped with a wide range of various sounds including string, percussion, and brass instruments as well as different piano settings.

4. They have inbuilt features such as light associated keys, which can assist if you are learning or composing.

5. Any sounds stored in a digital piano are of a very high quality. The fact that microphones are not required eliminates audio feedback and ensures a professional sound that many find difficult to differentiate from an acoustic piano.

6. If you don’t live alone or can only practice at unsociable hours, the digital piano allows to you play wearing headphones for that additional privacy.

7. If space is a factor, the digital piano is easier to maneuver and takes up less space.

Factors that need to be considered before buying the best keyboard: Buying a digital piano can be an overwhelming and daunting task as there is an incredible variety available to buyers available in the market. However, knowing a few things about what you’re looking for will help you make a great decision and buy an instrument that will bring you years of enjoyment.

Check the key action: Before going to buy the Digital Keyboard or Piano, it is better to check all the 88 keys by playing all them once at a time. Check the key tendency that should be unnaturally stiff when we gently press on them. If you experience any tendency that sticking downs the key resting positions, you can check the wobble of keys from side to side and make them free.

Check if the touch response still works: Touch response is one of the digital Piano features that should be definitely considered before buying. This feature only varies with the volume based that you strike the key and gives you the more control over the Piano sound, which feels like an acoustic Piano. In order to check the touch response of the keys play all them again and again, please don’t play all keys at once. Try to play the keys one by one with gentle striking on them.

Check the pedals: Before getting the keyboard, please make sure that all the foot pedals are working well in a good condition. Most importantly, the foot pedal needs to be work perfectly by sustaining it rightly. Make sure that the remaining pedals are working in good condition. Most probably, the digital Pianos have single pedal which is called as a sustain pedal. Try to play each and every note by holding the sustain pedal and release the pedal by playing another note.

Turn up the volume: In order to check the volume tendency, turn up all the volume that as loud as it goes. If you notice any crackles while playing the sounds at higher volumes, then you should definitely look for another one that works well even on higher and lower notes. Turn down the volume: However, it is not good to see while the digital Piano when the speakers turned off. In turn down the volume, you can clearly hear all the squeaks and noises that have generated while playing. You can also easily indicate all the mechanical problems as well.


A digital piano can be a great investment when you start playing piano, and by taking the proper steps to educate yourself about the various options available, you’ll have an instrument you can enjoy for many years.