Essential Factors Need to Know About Dominating and Creating Hip-Hop Drums

Drumbeats are most crucial part of every popular and hip-hop music. The best drum patterns are looking so simple then why its sounds so high and why it is so tough to construct? In this article, we are going to discuss the basic factors of a hip-hop beat.

1. The pattern of the drums

The drum patterns are like the backbone of every song and are available in two general categories i.e. Simple pattern and complex pattern. Simple patterns are often called as lunchroom patterns which is a most familiar option. In this pattern drum, you need to bang your hands on the lunch table and tap your foot. This is one of the most common forms of a drum pattern that automatically set a pattern to repeat in every 8,6,32 or 64 steps. Though the complex drum patterns are little difficult to tap these patterns normally have mutes or drops, a variety of complex effects or delays which is helpful in improving the keenness on the track.

2. Mutes

If you mute the elements of your best drum pattern while playing them, it will add some extra excitement and suspense to your music. It is one of the most common tactics in the production of hip-hop. One of the most common methods is muting the drum pattern while switching between the chorus and verses. The musician prefers to mute the hi-hats while switching the verses and then later include it within the chorus. When you are muting an element or changing an element it will create a perfect bridge. Mutes not only gives the music suspense and excitement but also very much helpful in creating both outro and intro for your song. If you never use this technique before then try this you must feel the difference.

3. Flamming

In every drum, there is a flamming option. You need to use that option to play with the offset features to extend the time between the actual drum hit and the flam. It is one of the common techniques that are used in the Humanizing section.

4. Different drum samples

There are several sample drums are used in hip-hop. Ethnic drums like congas, bongos, tamboras and many more are really very helpful in adding originality and good flavor to your drum patterns. Whereas stock drums are the boring ones. But these best drums were used in making hundreds of tracks during the past years. If you do surfing on the internet you will easily get a vast collection of drum samples.

5. Doubles and offsets

Whenever you are planning to make more lively music then you must discuss the doubles and offsets. Doubling is a kind of pattern which will take your drum pattern and add a ghost drum on it. So when you kick on step 3 and clap on step 5 that time you must try through a softer dynamically kick on step 2. It will automatically create a drum roll and leads to the louder kick. This technique can be applied to all kind of best drums. Whereas, in terms of offsetting a drum the drum falls on a particular quantizing step which tends to offset other steps.

6. Polyrhythms

Polyrhythms are multiple rhythms which played on the top portion of each other. This term is very much noticeable in African music. That’s why most of the hip-hop music’s are inspired by African music. Polyrhythm gives a unique clarity sounds so it will be easy to play several patterns together on the top of each other.

7. The significance of EQ

Most people don’t know about the significance of mixing and EQing the drums properly. But it is highly essential to have corrected EQing of drums to have the fullest sound. Moreover, the mixing quality is highly required for preparing best quality music.

8. Human factor

One thing that never stops to surprise the listeners is that the laziness of the modern music producers. There are choosing a great sample with fewer drum patterns. They can add more work with latest drum patterns by putting some extra effort. But as per the development of latest technologies, their work becomes little simpler.

Conclusion: Above mentioned are some basic factors in creating the best hip-hop drum. But you need to choose an exquisite sample, best quality drum and putting mutes in your drum patterns. Apply all the required techniques of your best drum and prepare quality music.